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    1 år, 9 måneder siden

    Danish Open should absolutely should be announced in English, and they absolutely need to find better speakers for the event. As someone who understands both languages, the speaking at Danish Open is atrocious and needs to be improved particularly with the recent efforts to take tickets at this event.

    The speaker needs to have knowledge of what is going on in the pool and convey the excitement of what is happening to the audience. From all accounts I heard that Rene Thomsen was doing this very well in Danish for the Danish TV audience. I would guess that most of the potential candidates could do a decent job commentating in English but I don’t want to speak for them.

    As it is, the announcer often seemed confused about what was at stake (qualification, records, etc) in a given race. Alternately, names for the races where announced with YELLING into a microphone.

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